DFB Group has gained recognition over the years as a leading company providing competitive, reliable and specialized technical support services to the industries and business communities in the GCC Region. We are multi-industry service provider, focusing on integrating engineering, sustainability, environmental services and consultancy to the public and private sectors in the GCC Region. 

Dr. Fadil Fouad Basyyoni


Our engineering services team is made up of specialists in their field. We focus our talents and efforts to create effective and efficient solutions for our customers. Following are the se rvices offered in engineering sector:

  1. Design and Masters Planning

  2. Mechnanical Engineering

  3. Electrical Engineering

  4. Engineering Management

  5. Architectural And Urban Planning

  6. Public Utiliities Infrastructure

  7. Transportation & Highway System Evaluation
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Our environmental services help industrial and public sector clients to balance growth with resiliency - achieving compliance and reducing, or eliminating, risks while protecting our natural environment. We work closely with clients and communities to solve the most complex environmental challenges through the business life cycle

Different types of Environmental Services offered by DFB Group are:

1. Water Quality

2. Solid Waste Management

3. Carbon Footprint

4. Environmental Management

5.  Environmental Audit and inspection

6. Noise Levels

7.  Hazardous Waste Consultancy

8. Environmental Site Assessment

9. Environmental Impact Assessment

10. Contaminated Site Investigation & Remediation 

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Public health is about promoting health and wellbeing, preventing illness and protecting communities from hazards in the environment. This is achieved through developing and administering public health legislation, education, community action, promotion of healthy lifestyles, prevention of disease and injury and monitoring and managing environmental health risks to ensure clean water, sanitation and a safe food supply. DFB group offers following services in Public health sector: 

  1. Pest Control 
  2. Food and water safety
  3. Waste KPI'S
  4. Waste Collection
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Green energy is energy that is produced in a matter that has less negative impact on the environment than traditional energy sources. Unlike fossil fuels (oil, coal and gas), green energy is created in a manner that releases very little pollution as a by-product. It is believed that harmful pollutants released by traditional sources has led to global warming, air pollution, land and water pollution.

In an effort to meet the demands of today’s energy consumption as well as preserve our environment for future generations, more green and sustainable energy services have been engineered. Following are the services offered by DFB Group.

1. Waste to Energy

2. Renewable Energy

3. Gasification 

4. Energy Recovery

5. Solar Energy

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Our experts can design and build environment & food analysis laboratory for physical, chemical and biological parameters to meet international standards. We provide high quality manpower staff for operation & maintenance of laboratory and services to achieve ISO 17025 certification.

  1. Environmental Lab Operation
  2. Training Services
  3. Biological Lab
  4. Supply of Environmental Monitoring Equpments, systems and services
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